connectivity reimagined

To understand the impact, magnitude, and possibilities of connectivity, one need to look no further than a piece of technology sitting right there on the desk. Think back a couple short decades ago. What if I had told you that people would one day carry a device – in their pocket mind you – that would instantly connect them to practically anyone in the world or provide on-demand access to any piece of information? Need to reach a friend driving in from Detroit? Just dial. Want to know the average high temperature of Botswana? Just type it in (its 90.9° by the way).

Back then one might have called this a futuristic pipe dream – today its simply known as a smart phone. This hand-held technology connects to massive networks and global search engines at the stroke of a query.

Today’s digital environment provides the foundation for unparalleled automation and connectivity. Organizations like CAVU Group are leveraging this openness to deliver new levels of access, responsiveness, and predictability.

Bridging the Islands 

Key is the digital highway that bridges once disperse islands of information. Linking data between platforms and applications provides near instantaneous access to information regardless of type, source, or destination. On the users’ end, the ability to view, integrate, and analyze data and metrics accelerates responsiveness and allows for better decision-making. Even more significant is the ability to replace “reaction time” with proactive and even predictive decision-making.

CAVU Group is leveraging connectivity internally and externally to improve the company’s (along with its customers’) operation. “We’re targeting that at least 33% of our solutions will be ‘connected’ this year,” explained CAVU Vice President of Business Development Patti Blessing.

This includes integrating systems to be more unified, barcoding systems for raw materials and finished goods, and automated work order tracking. Additionally, the company is continuing to develop electronic solutions that push data to a cloud platform for one secure point of visibility and transparency.

Internally, the company is aggressively pursuing automation throughout product development and manufacturing processes.

“We are committed to automating at least four of our manufacturing processes in the coming months,” said Blessing. “This includes improved vision systems for automated quality control, online sensors for production readings, and so on.”


A recent example of the company’s connectivity push is CAVU Hub. Launched in April of 2020, the cloud-based portal digitally tracks, manages, and distributes information for temperature-sensitive shipments throughout our clients’ extended supply chain.

CAVU Hub boasts a custom user dashboard, e-mail/SMS notifications, and the ability to compare and analyze performance data. The dashboard provides stakeholders with on-demand data associated with all shipments in transit throughout their supply chain. Digital tracking analytics include:

  • Temperature Excursions
  • Map Displaying Routes
  • Low Battery Maintenance Reports
  • List of Deployed Profiles

The Hub also associates and displays data allowing users to compare the performance of shipments. Armed with this information, users are better able to improve the delivery of temperature-sensitive products to reduce recalls and similar costs.

Data into Information

The good news is that today’s intelligent systems are generating more data than ever before. The not so good news is that most of this data goes untapped. CAVU is changing all that by connecting systems and providing users with actionable data.

Driven by real-time feedback, CAVU is helping its customers maintain brand integrity by gaining universal visibility into your supply chain, maintaining product efficacy and consumer safety, and staying connected to temperature data.