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Who we are

Thermal Management experts

For over 30 years we have been a leader in phase change material microencapsulation and thermal regulating technologies.

We pride ourselves in offering technical expertise in the research and development of temperature technology.

Our Story


Microtek was founded with a focus on microencapsulated products, including phase change material.


Microtek Received the R&D 100 Award for work on developing a fire-resistant phase change material.


Microtek added
bio-based phase change material solutions to the product portfolio.


Microtek expanded product offerings with phase change material pouches and panel solutions.


Microtek brings thermal monitoring and simulation services to our customers.

A sustainable footprint

At Microtek, our phase change material technology delivers temperature management right where it is needed. Our solutions for shipping, construction, electronics, textiles, and bedding provide temperature management that enhances product performance, improves the user experience, and reduces the consumption of energy requirements. 

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February 13-16, 2022
Galveston, Texas, US
International Polyolefins Conference


March 31-April 1, 2022
Chicago, IL, US
Chicago Build Expo 2022

April 11-13, 2022
San Diego, CA, US
ISTA TransPack & TempPack Forum


August 3-4, 2022
Denver, CO, US
Advances in Thermal Management

March 8-10, 2022
Orlando, Florida

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