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As electronics get smaller and device processing power increases, the need to manage excess heat becomes more challenging. Today’s mobile phones and tablets require innovative solutions to extend battery and device life.

Phase change material offers a unique advantage for electronic temperature management, passive cooling designed for specific temperatures.

Microtek has developed high-temperature PCM solutions, a complete thermal management platform for protecting all of your electronic products.

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Our team of experts found that phase change material in dry powder form is the best solution for the electronics industry.

Designed for Cooling

When properly designed into consumer electronic devices, PCM can assist in stabilizing the overall temperature of the device, protecting it from failure during operation. In addition, phase change materials absorb and release energy for thousands of cycles, making them an ideal solution for these applications.

PCM can also be microencapsulated, reducing size and ability for easy incorporation into a variety of materials and substrates. Thus creating a versatile option that can be used as parts in electronics including chips, components, subcomponents, motherboards, and enclosures.

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