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Industry Leader

Over 30 years of phase change material microencapsulation and partnering with world leaders in thermal regulation.


Tailored Solutions

Our portfolio of phase change material is available from -30°C to 57°C.  We offer custom temperatures to meet your every need.


In-house R&D

Providing innovative research and development of temperature management solutions for companies around the globe.

Delivering Comprehensive thermal management solutions

Microencapsulated phase change material


As a global leader in the microencapsulation of phase change material, Microtek specializes in delivering a broad range of temperatures and forms.   Microencapsulation contains phase change material, enabling the integration
into substrates and materials. 

adaptek Packaging Solutions

adaptek technology protects your brand with precise thermal management, allowing for safe transportation and delivery to your customer.

Microtek offers standard pouch and panel configurations as well as custom form factors, reusable options, temperatures, and materials.

Thermal Simulation

Thermal simulation and modeling streamlines your temperature management design process, allowing speed to market with confidence.

With the knowledge of thermal prediction and performance, our team of experts provides accurate modeling, assuring your team with an efficient product development process.

Phase change material for Thermal
regulation is everywhere

Manufactured in the USA

Thermal Management Insights

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Thermal management Guide

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Protecting Pharmaceuticals

From protection of life saving medical devices to providing personal comfort, PCM’s offer thermal management.  

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