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Renewable energy

Incorporating phase change material into building components
is an effective way to balance the interior comfort level and energy consumption of a structure.

Microtek specializes in adding thermal properties into building structures and materials to create more energy-efficient buildings and interior environments. This works by allowing the technology to passively control the interior temperature, reducing the dependency on other sources such as heating and cooling systems. This ultimately results in energy efficiency as well as a reduction in the costs
of operation.


How energy is Stored

With phase change materials having the ability to store and release large amounts of energy, architects continue to research and develop building applications that utilize the technology.

When incorporated into walls, PCM regulates temperature by minimizing highs and lows. As the temperature of a room increases, the energy is stored by the PCM, maintaining a constant room temperature. This energy will then be released back to the room when the temperature begins to drop. Therefore, an environment that has a controlled and more consistent temperature requires less adjustments from heating and cooling systems. Air conditioning units and furnaces will run less, extending equipment life and reducing energy usage.

Phase Change Material can be found In:



Ceiling Tiles



Using passive technology

Passive systems achieve their energy benefits through the
collection, storage and release of energy throughout the structure
of the building.

The desire for interior thermal comfort is one of the single biggest uses of global energy today. Phase change material helps meet LEED, Living Building Certification, California ZNE, and other sustainable building regulations.


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