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Thermal Management

Shipping temperature-sensitive products have unique challenges. Microtek has partnered with companies around the world and across a wide range of industries to maintain safe temperatures during transportation and storage, guaranteeing the integrity of their brands. Through this experience, research shows the benefits of using phase change materials to extend thermal control and reduce shipping costs to ensure the product arrives as expected.

The importance of validated shippers

Developing the right packaging solution for temperature-sensitive shipments requires consideration of key aspects including stability, temperature requirements, shipping lane details, and other metrics. Validation of the packaging by certified ISTA professionals provides 3PL’s and manufacturers with the confidence that the transportation of their temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical samples, serums, tissue, medical devices, lab specimens, and medical supplies will meet and exceed regulatory and compliance standards. 

Our adaptek technology, combined with sustainable packaging elements, provides an assurance and brand protection with each delivery. 

Complete Packout Control

Validated Shippers


Thermal Simulation

Thermal Simulation & Modeling

Thermal modeling and simulation is the process of developing and solving thermal and flow physics problems. Allow our experts to assist in predicting real-world thermal behavior in your next project with complex components and systems.

Simulation can provide thermal flow analysis of your packaging designs, allowing you to confidently and accurately receive insight into the thermal performance before the project is complete.


Solutions for Packaging & Logistics

Sustainable Packaging Solutions


Our experts developed our conformable PCM pouches and panels for durability and repeat usage. This allows for the creation of a more sustainable pack out with a reusable and multi-use temperature regulating alternative.


Track & trace Temperature Monitoring

Protect your shipments from the first to the last mile with a range of temperature data loggers and temperature monitoring solutions from our temperature monitoring portfolio – American Thermal Instruments. Our loggers are built for accuracy and scalability and work together seamlessly to provide complete visibility into your supply chain’s diverse environments.

Offering more than just best-in-class monitoring solutions, we can help you verify temperature compliance from the very beginning to the final destination of your distribution channel.

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From the protection of life-saving medical devices to providing personal comfort, PCM’s offer thermal management.  

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