Academic Thermal Management Research

    Our thermal management solutions are used in a wide range of industries – Consumer Goods, Medical Devices, Life Sciences and Energy Management. We are committed to academic research and new product innovation across our industries and look to expand the benefit of using PCM solutions for thermal

     Types of Organic PCMs

    Phase Change Material info

    • Paraffin (Wax)
    • Fatty Acids (Oils)
    • Polyglycols

    Key Advantages

    • Chemically stable
    • High enthalpy (high heat storage)
    • Safe and non-reactive
    • No loss of effectiveness with cycling
    • Can be microencapsulated

    Development Kit

    The Microtek Development Kit assists in identifying the best solution to meet specific requirements. By selecting up to three specific PCM samples including type, form and temperature, the Development Kit provides the resources to personally test and experiment with the PCM materials to determine the best performance for your application. 

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    Thermal Mangement Resources


    Having a good understanding of how PCMs work is the first step when implementing them into your research or project. 

    Phase change materials are an effective solution to solve many thermal challenges. But what PCM is the best fit for your application? 
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    The technical aspects of PCMs need to be considered when determining the correct thermal management solution

    These Case studies of our partnerships show real-world examples of PCM use.

    Microtek Solutions for
    Thermal Management

    This extensive resource outlines the specifications and properties of the entire Microtek thermal management product line including physical and chemical properties, applications, packaging and safety.

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