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Adding Technology where comfort counts

Phase change material technology absorbs and releases heat to maintain ideal sleep temperatures, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Phase Change Material is commonly incorporated as an additive
into components within the bedding and textile industries.  

The technology can easily be added to foam mattresses,
ticking, mattress covers, pillows, and bed linens for body
temperature regulation.  

Our Strength is in our offerings

We offer phase change material in the following forms:

Dry Powder

Wet cake


Cooling by design

Whether applying phase change material by padding,
dip-coating, or spraying, thermal regulation for personal
comfort is a well-established market.

With our expertise in both bedding and textiles, Microtek offers a product line specifically for your next application. Our solutions can be printed or coated on materials or incorporated directly into fibers, allowing for extended thermal benefits into everyday items like clothing, activewear, protective gear for firefighters, construction apparel, and military uniforms.

Thermal Benefits in mattress applications 

As a person gets into bed their body temperature causes body heat to be trapped within the bedding. This can quickly make for an uncomfortable sleeping environment. With the addition of PCMs, as the temperature of the bedding rises, the PCM absorbs the heat providing a cooling sensation.

This process is shown in the graph, a mattress with PCM can keep a person approximately 5°C cooler.

The opposite happens when the temperature falls. The PCM freezes, releasing heat and therefore warming up the environment. As the PCM fluctuates between these phases, it keeps the bedding components and the sleeper in a comfortable temperature range.

Solutions for Bedding

Phase Change Material in Textiles

Managing & Maintaining comfort

When your environment or activities change, your body
temperature rises and falls. Temperature fluctuation can be
regulated by incorporating phase change material into anything from clothing such as jacket fabrics to upholstery used for chairs
and couch cushions.


Consistent Thermal Stability

Phase change materials were originally used by NASA in textiles to protect astronauts from the extreme temperatures of space. They are now used for comfort and thermal stability to keep the user from getting too hot or too cold in your everyday life.


Solutions for Textiles

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