Thermal Simulation

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Thermal Modeling and Simulation is the process of developing and solving thermal and flow physics problems. Using digital software tools, our experts can assist in predicting real-world behavior in complex components and assemblies.

Proper simulation can provide thermal and flow analysis of your packaging designs, allowing you to receive confident and accurate insight into the most complex thermal physics efforts.

The advantages of thermal modeling

  • Save engineering design and development time
  • Accurate modeling can increase reliability and confidence in the final product
  • The ability for optimization and exploration helps drive innovation
  • Allows for better product development and team collaboration
  • Fact-based decision making

3D Thermal & Flow Simulation


Conduction, Convection & Radiation


Steady State and Transient Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow


Phase Change Materials


Solar Heating, Modeling of thermo-optical properties


Temperature dependent thermal properties


Accurate simulation of phase change melt/freeze behavior


Coupled thermal-flow analysis for convection dominant heat transfer

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Why is thermal modeling important?

Reduce Time & Cost

Understanding the physics of thermal behavior of your product in various environments allows you to reduce time to market, research and development costs and make fact-based decisions backed by physical insights.

Optimze Design

Decrease the time for prototyping and testing in test lab scenarios.  Using thermal simulation can reduce the extra cost associated with increased lab time and test iterations.

Stop the Guesswork

With proper heat transfer and 3D flow analysis, complex and difficult decisions, including a large number of payloads and shipping environments can now be simulated.

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