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Collaboration will advance the development of Phase Change Material-based construction materials for enhanced building energy efficiency and comfort.

JULY 28, 2021; DAYTON, OH; USA – CAVU Group, a leading provider of thermal management and temperature monitoring solutions, announces their partnership to begin supporting the University of Glasgow and Middle East Technical University in a smart building materials initiative. Funded by Transforming Systems through a Partnership program between the Royal Academy of Engineering and TUBITAK, the project is focused on the development of sustainable building materials that will advance building energy efficiency and enhance occupant thermal comfort.

The project – titled Thermal Energy Storage in the Building Elements – will concentrate on the development of low-carbon building materials that are both sustainable and affordable. Specifically, the goal is a practical concrete-based thermal management solution capable of contributing toward heating/cooling targets. This is important for building thermal management and reducing energy consumption, especially in regions of extreme temperatures and uncomfortable climates.

Phase Change Materials

The application of Phase Change Material (PCM) will be key to the success of this project. PCM is a substance that releases and absorbs heating or cooling energy as it transitions from one phase to another.Because of their expertise and reputation for developing PCM-based solutions, CAVU was identified as the preferred partner.

“As the world’s leading manufacturer of microencapsulated PCM, CAVU has a history and reputation of successfully adapting PCM technology,” said Cise Unluer, University of Glasgow. “The support and experience provided by CAVU will play a key role in meeting the complex challenges of integrating PCM technology into building material applications.”

CAVU Group will donate a supply of Phase Change Materials (including Nextek and Micronal) along with product coaching, technical support, testing services, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analysis, and development support. Locally CAVU’s European operation, CAVU GmbH will provide program assistance. Since 2018, CAVU GmbH has focused on the application of PCM-based energy management solutions.

Advancing Sustainability

“CAVU remains committed to the development of sustainable PCM-based energy applications,” explained Dr. Frank Höfer, Managing Director of CAVU GmbH. “Introducing PCM into this industry reduces CO2 emissions and provides better climate control while furthering the development of thermal management solutions in modern building designs. We are always interested in pursuing strategic partnerships and are excited to work with the University of Glasgow and Middle East Technical University teams to ensure that results from this project and all generated intellectual property can be extended to further markets and applications for building efficiency.”

About CAVU Group

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