Providing Personal Comfort

    Phase Change Material increases comfort and safety through personal thermal regulation.

    Personal Comfort Technology

    Phase change material is widely used for personal heat management in cooling vests, regulating body temperature to keep an individual safe. The technology works by absorbing heat from the individual’s body and providing cooling by reducing the body temperature of the person wearing it. Phase change technology can also be used within warming applications. During cold conditions PCMs will release heat, thus warming the user.

    Personal Comfort Applications

    Microtek adaptek pouches can be used for your apparel offerings and configured to fit your specific application needs. Product environments include, but are not limited to:

    • Operating Rooms & Medical Facilities
    • Industrial & Construction
    • Military & Government
    • Sports & Recreation

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    Featured Content: Personal Comfort Use Case

    We compiled our data and recommend temperatures in our latest use case, Personal Comfort Regulation with Phase Change Material.

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