Academic Research


Are you involved in Academic Research?

Our thermal management solutions are used across many industries from Consumer Goods, Medical Devices, Life Sciences, Energy Management to Construction and Lithium Ion Batteries.  We are committed to academic research and fostering the future of science.   To support academic research, we offer our PCM Development Kit  which includes testing quantities of up to three different Microtek PCM products and temperatures for use in academic labs.

Development Kit

The Microtek Development Kit assists in identifying the best solution to meet specific requirements. By selecting up to three specific PCM samples including type, form and temperature, the Development Kit provides the resources to personally test and experiment with the PCM materials to determine the best performance for your application. 

Types of Organic PCMs


Paraffin (Wax)


Fatty Acids (Oils)



Key Advantages

  • Chemically stable
  • High enthalpy (high heat storage)
  • Safe and non-reactive
  • No loss of effectiveness with cycling
  • Can be microencapsulated

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