Providing Daily Comfort

    PCMs were originally used in textiles to protect astronauts from the extreme temperatures of space. We now use them to keep you from getting too hot or too cold in your everyday life.

    Specialized PCM for Textile Development

    Throughout the day, people want to feel comfortable. This desire is often complicated as people change environments or perform different activities; causing a rise in their body temperature. This temperature fluctuation can be regulated by incorporating phase change materials into the clothing fabric. As a person gets warmer, the PCMs absorb the excess heat making them feel cooler and providing extended comfort
    Through long-standing partnerships, Microtek has gained valuable insights into the textile industry and has created a product specifically for its development. Our fibratek solution can be printed and coated on materials or incorporated directly into the fibers, allowing our customers to extend the thermal benefits of PCMs into everyday clothing and sports apparel to protective gear for firefighters, construction workers and military personnel.




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