Phase Change Materials can store and release large amounts of energy to maintain a specific temperature range over a long period of time. They uniquely provide passive thermal regulation and can be used repeatedly. As the leader in microencapsulation of phase change materials, CAVU Group has over 40 years of expertise and experience.

We are pleased to announce that our CTO, Mark Hartmann, will be speaking at the 2022 SPE International Polyolefins Conference in Galveston, Texas, February 12 – 15, 2022.   This is the largest polymer conference in the World dedicated to Polyolefins with 100+ papers being presented and over 50 Exhibitor Booths.

Hartman specializes in polymer and materials chemistry and has over 30 years industry experience in thermal management in the areas of Lithium-ion energy storage systems, life sciences regulated shipping, and temperature sensing devices. He is also the inventor / co-inventor of over 90 US and international patents.

In his talk, “Incorporating Thermal Management into Polyolefins” Mr. Hartmann explores the benefits of incorporating PCMs and polyolefins into a single product. A material that has the flexibility and resilience of a polyolefin and the thermal performance of a PCM that can also be sheeted, molded, or extruded.

Follow this link for more information or to register for the Conference. The full program and list of events is also available online here.