Research and Product Development 

    Our clients come to us from every industry imaginable looking for solutions. We work with each client, leveraging our expertise, to develop a custom material that fits their specific needs.


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    Technical Capabilities

    At Microtek we are skilled at selecting and applying the right combination of encapsulation chemistries and methods to create a unique solution to fit your particular needs.

    Concept Feasibility

    The first step in product development is concept feasibility. After gathering the critical information, we provide honest feedback about whether a thermal management solution can be produced.



    After we have determined that the project is technically and economically viable, we provide a project timeline and proposal for making a 
    proof-of-concept sample.


    Based on client feedback from the proof-of-concept sample, it may be necessary to optimize the material. During optimization, we work closely with you to make sure the material functions correctly in your process or product.


    When the optimization work is complete and the final product specifications have been established, we scale the process to the meet the supplied volume requirements.


    After the completion of the scale-up phase, Microtek offers full-scale manufacturing capabilities to produce
    your product.

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