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    Safely Shipping Temperature-Sensitive Products

    Posted by David Haan on Jul 16, 2020 10:56:53 AM


    The development of vaccines and medical devices with temperature requirements continues to increase which means the demand for temperature-controlled shipping also continues to rise. With all of the options available, what is the best solution to manage the temperature of your shipment? Recently, Microtek Laboratories partnered with a medical technology company to research this question. 

    We compared 0°C, water-based solutions, to higher temperature phase change materials (PCMs) to see how they performed, and which provided the best thermal protection between 5°C and 25°C for 48 hours.pouch_loggers_med_deviceThis guide outlines the study and identifies three key benefits of shipping with PCM pouches instead of ice packs:

    1. Extended performance
    2. Reduced weight
    3. Flexible shipping timelines

    As processes change and new products are developed, it is critical that logistics adapt as well. When choosing temperature-controlled shipping options, it is important to understands all the factors involved in the shipping process. What has always been used or what may have been the "cheapest" option, may not be the best solution to guarantee the integrity of your brand.

    For complete information, read the entire study, "Safely Shipping Your Temperature-Sensitive Products"

    Topics: Cold Chain, Supply Chain, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics

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