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    Reptiles by Mack Utilizes adaptek Pouches to Ensure Safe Delivery

    Posted by David Haan on Apr 16, 2020 1:21:16 PM


    What began as an in-home business 35 years ago has become one of the world’s largest breeding facilities of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Reptiles by Mack is today a leading supplier to pet stores world-wide. 

    As with any product, reliable shipping is critical. But when transporting animals, safe delivery is literally a matter of life and death. While shipping live animals has plenty of challenges, one main concern is maintaining safe package temperatures throughout the process. We ship via next day air using UPS and Federal Express,” explained Chief Executive Officer, John Mack. “For most customers this means delivery by 10:30 a.m., which is fine. However, packages to rural areas are routinely delivered much later in the day. These animals would endure long hours on a truck in temperatures often exceeding safe ranges.  

    Because animal safety could not be guaranteed, the company elected not to ship to these remote locationsIn order to expand the reach of safe delivery, a new shipping solution was needed. 

    Microtek is a leading developer of temperature-controlled shipping solutions. “Adaptek pouches from Microtek minimize unsafe temperature swings that can be fatal to the animals. As temperatures rise and fall throughout a typical day, the pack protects the animals, recharges itself, and reactivates to maintain a healthy environment. This ensures that the animals arrive safe while allowing us to expand our outreach.” 


    Microtek worked with Reptiles by Mack to design a product to transport a variety of animals with diverse temperature requirements to different climates and in all seasons. “Unlike some other phase change material brands, Microtek has been creative in designing materials for our unique circumstances allowing us to maintain a safe environment longer.” 

    Available in a variety of sizes and temperature ranges, these pouches allow customers to transport even the most temperature-sensitive contents with complete confidence. 

    Today Microtek’s adaptek pouches are providing Reptiles by Mack with the long-term temperature stability to safely expand into new areas. This reputation for quality and consistently meeting customer expectations has helped solidify Reptiles by Mack as an industry leader.

    For more information, read our full case study.

    Topics: Thermal Management, Logistics

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