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    Benefits of Using PCM vs Ice Pouches in Shipping

    Posted by David Haan on Apr 16, 2020 1:13:15 PM


    What are the benefits of using phase change materials (PCMs) instead of ice for cold shipments? To demonstrate the benefits of PCMs, Microtek performed an experiment by sending a package containing chocolate across the country in the middle of summer. 



    This guide outlines the study and identifies three key benefits of PCM pouches by showing:

    1. Wider Range of Temperatures
    2. Extended Hold of Temperature
    3. Added Value of PCM

    While ice packs work for many logistic scenarios, it is important to identify all of the factors and costs involved in transportation lanes before settling for a solution. When all aspects of a project are identified, PCMs are often a better solution, providing your brand with a more versatile, safer and valuable alternative. 

    For complete information, read the entire study, "3 Benefits of Using PCM vs Ice Pouches in Cold Shipment."

    Topics: Thermal Management, Logistics

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