The 2018 Overview of Thermal Management

    Posted by Tim Riazzi on Feb 15, 2018 10:39:00 AM

    As building regulations shift and consumers demand more comfortable homes, sustainable solutions for efficient energy consumption, and higher performing electronic products, thermal management is becoming an integral part of human life. At Microtek, we are excited to be on the forefront of producing thermal management solutions that have the ability to measure and control thermal energy in a way that’s desired by the end user.

    We are closely watching these three consumer-driven industries where we feel it’s clear that thermal management will emerge as a necessary component in 2018:



    1) Small Electronics: 

    As we continue to demand more from our small electronics, the need for efficient battery performance is critical. Being lightweight as well as small are important characteristics of many electronics such as phones and computers. Electronic manufacturers will continue to look for solutions to decrease the elevated thermal temperatures of these devices for longer battery life and better processor performance. The technology that will win in 2018 and beyond will find a way to mitigate the effects of heat in their product performance without impacting size, weight, and price.

    2) Comfort and Home:

    Between the bedding and clothing industry, the comfort of consumers is a critical part of the thermal management game that we don’t see slowing down. We’ve watched the popularity of foam mattresses rise as consumers now frequently replace their old mattresses with more comfortable foam models. Athletes of all calibers have high expectations of their clothing to enhance their performance, not hinder it. The 2018 Winter Olympians wore heated coats to ensure their comfort in the cold South Korean climate. This kind of creative design makes us confident that thermal management will continue to play a role in many exciting ways.

    3) Building and Construction:

    As more energy-efficient options are demanded by buyers of both residential and commercial buildings, we are confident that more architects and builders will find ways to incorporate these requests into their designs and end products. We will continue to see regulations shift to favor thermal managing building supplies and techniques. California and other states are now requiring a certain level of low-energy design and we are seeing developers demand that new construction have the capabilities of “no energy” or “low energy” consumption. In response, our industry has to deliver an economical solution that builders and consumers are willing to invest in, that builders are incented to use for compliance, and that architects trust.


    The Future

    Even though people talk about things like the performance of their electronics or the comfort of their mattress, thermal management is not yet a term that’s brought up at cocktail parties! But it’s a simple concept that is providing benefits to millions of people, often without them even realizing it. We are always looking for the next opportunity where Microtek can incorporate our solutions with partners in many industries. It will be exciting to see how thermal management will evolve in 2018 and beyond.






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