Microtek Announces Sponsorship for the Solar Decathlon Europe

    Posted by David Haan on May 15, 2018 10:37:00 AM


    Microtek is pleased to sponsor the Azalea project in the 2019 Solar Decathlon Europe.

    What is the Solar Decathlon?

    The decathlon is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. It is a worldwide collegiate competition that challenges students to design and build full-size, solar-powered houses. The criteria for success include design excellence and smart energy production as well as innovation, market potential, and energy and water efficiency. Learn more at the Solar Decathlon website.

    The Azalea team is competing in the European contest in Hungary in 2019.

    What is Azalea?

    Azalea is the project name for a new model for a sustainable and ecological house. According to the team, the ecological footprint produced by housing has reached 50% of global pollution. They feel the only way to reverse this is for society to drive the change.

    The team working on Azalea is made up of 30 students and professionals representing fields such as architecture and engineering. Together they represent the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, a technical university in Spain.

    Microtek will provide phase change material (PCM) to the project. Our thermal management solution will allow the team to meet the requirements of modern, light-weight architecture and design while implementing the advantages of passively storing and releasing latent heat through PCMs. 

    All of us at Microtek wish the team good luck and are excited to follow their progress and learn from their project!

    You can follow the team’s progress on their website and social media accounts.

    Azalea Website







    Topics: Phase Change Materials, Thermal Management, Eco Housing, Solar Power

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